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Bexley Community Health Council offers several services. We can help you find the right doctor, eliminate your fear of visiting the doctor, and match you with a doctor from our extensive directory of specialists.

Have you ever feared going to the doctor? Did you ever think that you were seeing the wrong kind of doctor for your particular condition? Even worse, did you ever think that your doctor didn’t truly care about how you felt? You do not ever have to feel this way again! At Bexley Community Health Council, we can connect you with a list of physicians from our directory. These physicians have been vetted by our professionals to ensure that they specialized in the exact services you need. Our doctors are compassionate, care about their patients, and will offer you all of the care that you need. If you get a physician through Bexley Community Health Council, you will never need another doctor!


Find the Perfect Doctor

Bexley Community Health Council will help you find the right doctor for you, regardless of your health conditions.

We will match you with physicians that are in your area, and have been vetted by our professionals. These physicians are all within our directory and are some of the best specialisits in their respective fields. YOU get to pick your doctor! You will get to meet with your doctor and ensure that they are the right professional for you. It will be your decision who you doctor is and you will have the only say and control over your treatment and care.


Never Fear Going to the Doctor Again!

Not only will  Bexley Community Health Council help you find the right doctor to deal with your health conditions, but we will also help you find a doctor that you will be comfortable talking to, someone in which you can confide! Never again fear going to the doctor. Never again think that your complaints and needs are falling on deaf ears. All of our doctors are compassionate and care about the overall well-being of their patietnts. They want to help you and they want to work with you to achieve your healthcare goals.


We have the biggest Directory Around

We offer matching with a variety of different medical professionals to ensure that you are meeting with the right kind of doctor. We offer connections with the following specialties:


Internalists Cardiologists Psychiatrists

Mental Health 


Social Workers Psychologists
Endocrinologists Dermatologists Oncologists





 .... And many more!


Making sure that you are meeting the right kind of doctor is the first step in dealing with your medical conditions. We will ensure that you are seeing the right medical professional to make sure that you are getting the treatment and attention you need. You will never again feel like the care system is working against you! Fill in our request form and start your journey on the way to living a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle!



If you have a special condition, we have the right medical professional for you!


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We pride ourselves on our incredible customer service. Read what some of our satisfied patients are saying about us!

I will never use another health council. Bexley Community Health Council found me the perfect doctor. I no long fear going to the doctor. I can  be open, honest, and comfortable at every one of my visits to the council.
Lydia Yates

Happy Client

I have always had a hard time finding the right doctor for me. I have a variety of health conditions and no doctor could ever seem to get my diagnosis right. That changed when I contacted the Bexley Community Health Council. 
Anna Vincent
Bowlhead Green